Membership Fees
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May to October

November to January



Family* £25.00

Family £12.50

Family £7.00

Family £4.00

Adult £18.00

Adult £9.00

Adult £4.50

Adult £3.00

Senior** / Junior*** £10.00

Senior / Junior £5.00

Senior / Junior £3.00

Senior / Junior £2.00

Joining Fee £5.00
Membership fees are due after the AGM in April, any unpaid by 31st May are subject to an additional joining fee

* Family is defined as a max of 2 adults & their children, residing at one address
** Senior is anyone over 60
*** A junior member is anyone under 18, or over if in full-time education

Weekly Training Fees


Full Rate

Reduced Rate #

1st Weekly session



2nd Weekly session



Non members may train for a maximum of 3 sessions per year at £10.00 before joining the club
# Reduced rate is for members who worked two or more days at the club show
Junior members pay the appropriate 2nd weekly session fee when training with a member of their family.


Guest Trainers
The training fees will vary depending on the cost of the trainer, there will be a small reduction for all members, but further reductions of £2.00 per normal training session attended in the previous month will apply for one session only.

Version 3 April 2017