Code of Conduct

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This leaflet explains NDDAC’s conduct code

This applies to every club member
The Club has a reputation to uphold, which is based on honesty & respect
It is important that we all observe this Conduct Code in order to maintain the highest standards and also to keep our reputation intact

What are the standards?
We expect everyone who joins our club to:
Maintain high standards of honesty & integrity.

Entering classes at shows (Kennel Club & Independent) that we/ our dogs are eligible for.
This includes the correct height, age & level.
Treat our own dogs as well as member’s dogs with respect
No cruel actions or harsh/cruel handling
Treat all members, officers, trainers & the committee with respect, in either spoken or written word and on social media*.
Ensure that NDDAC’s property, resources and funds are not used for improper purposes
Do not bring NDDAC into disrepute
Keep to all NDDAC’s policies and procedures
Where a failure to meet these standards occurs & it is brought to the attention of the committee. A written warning will be submitted to the individual.
The process documented within the clubs constitution paragraph 11 may then be followed.
*See following for special social media rules

Version 3 October 2016
Rules applying to social Media

A,      Only matters directly relating to NDDAC can be posted, with exception being sponsors of NDDAC events, such as the show

B,       If you wouldn’t say it in person to someone, please don’t write it on any social media site run by the club.

C,       Type in the comments, reread & delete if you would be upset if it was a comment about you!

D,      Pictures / images, make sure you have the legal rights to use them, so we don’t fall foul of the copyright laws & possible charges.

E,       For anything out of these parameters, there should be XX? Committee seen / approval before posting.