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Hi everyone, great news, the committee decided on Monday evening, that anyone who has booked a paid training class in a month will be entitled to open training at £2 per session in the same month! (so you can practice what you've been taught!!). On a more serious note, if you book classes they must be paid for by the 7th of the month (as it takes much longer for the administration etc & the committee are all volunteers). It will be decided at committee level as to whether a late payment will be accepted, or the person will will forfeit the lessons for that month. Anyone attending training / guest training should arrive early to help set up, all are expected to help in course / height changes and the final class, clear away.

Training Fees





Weekly Beginners
Weekly Intermediate/Advanced
Open Training
Not Available
Guest Trainers
Not Available

Reduced rate is for members who worked two or more days at the club show
Non-members can attend a maximum of 6 trained sessions before having to become a member to continue
Junior members pay the appropriate 2nd weekly session fee when training with a member of their family


Guest Trainers
North Derbyshire invites guest trainers from all over the country that are working at the very top of the sport to come to our venue and train our members each month. The training fees will vary depending on the cost of the trainer, there will be a small reduction for all members, but further reductions of £2.00 per normal training session attended in the previous month will apply for one session only.